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Thank you to everyone who entered this year’s American Advertising Awards. Congratulations to all of our winners, and our Silver Medal recipient, Ann Hayes.

A summary of the awarded creative and links to view the work are provided below.

Missed our awards show? Watch it now!

All Creative Winners

  • View all professional winning creative: Here
  • View all student winning creative: Here

Best of Show

Professional Competition

Student Competition

Mosaic Award

AAF’s Mosaic Awards recognize companies, agencies and individuals whose commitment to diversity and inclusion is evident through their creative work and organization-wide initiatives.  

Judges Citations

rustmedia for Here. Literary Magazine 

“A stunning literary magazine for high school students validating their creativity at such a young age. And surrounding it with a platform makes it even more meaningful.”

rustmedia for Florish Magazines

“The grid work and layout deign in this magazine is phenomenal, which is paired with beautiful photography, both candid and staged. You can really feel the power, essence and creative vision.”   

The Scout for All Element of The Scout

“Blown away by the craft and the execution of the content, whether it was email or video. Everything was thoughtful, well planned and well executed.”

Red Letter Communications, Inc. for STIHL 40 Page Magazine Spread

“The sheer audacity of this ad campaign is dumbfounding. Every single page is stunning, on message, consistent and has the emotional draw. Everything is fantastic.”

Red Letter Communications, Inc. for STIHL How-To Videos

“Found a way to appeal to a much wider audience, exposing their products to a new group of demographics. The videos were fun, engaging and made me want to create.”

The Digital Foundry for Never Far From Home

“A really surprising and unexpected way to talk about a local store. It tugged at the heartstrings and brought in emotion in the right way.”

Creative Edge for Blood Drive PSA Script

“The copywriting was top notch. Each of the characters clearly came to life in the words. The writing was so smart and so funny.”

Silver Medal Recipient – Ann Hayes

View Ann’s Bio Here