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Marketing Luncheon Takes A Crispy Turn

Marketing Luncheon Takes a Crispy Turn

Originally posted on the Element 74 blog.

Part of our growth strategy at Element 74 is to hang out with other creatives from the area to share insight and, occasionally, tacos.

Today was a prime occasion to take on both, as the Tri-State Advertising & Marketing Professionals group put on a “creative shootout” lunch event (and yes, it was “taco Tuesday”). The event, held at El Sol in lovely Downtown Cape featured a taco bar and tables full of fellow creatives, ready to dig in on more than just shredded chicken and cilantro.

After our meal, we were tasked, as a group, with providing a marketing strategy for a specific product. The five us of from Element 74 (Shehan, Erin, Katie, Aja and me) along with E74 alum John Reith gathered ‘round the creative brief to take on the product, which was the Flatev.

“Whatev’ is the Flatev,” you ask? This unique (and totally not made-up) piece of technological wizardry is a machine that produces fresh, hot tortillas at the push of a button. You’re probably picturing some cartoon machine cranking out fresh flatbread on an assembly line, but the Flatev actually uses pods. Yes, pods. Like a Keurig coffee maker. Get the drift? Rather than fill this post with acres of detail, here’s a link to the kickstarter campaign that got things cooking for Flatev.

Once we had a group name (“Team Success,” because we are optimistic people), we had 15 minutes to plot a campaign for the future of this fine flatbread flingin’ machine. We were given some demographic detail and the creative brief, and dug our heels in. After tossing around ideas and jotting notes, we came up with a tagline of “Crisp, Convenient and On-Demand.” Ideas for television and online ad video came forth, and an inspired jingle rang through the air (unavailable on iTunes; sorry).

At the end of our time, I presented all of our ideas to the other groups and the esteemed judges, and our team was followed by the other creative groups. When the dust settled, our team took home the creative shootout prize basket!

It was all in good fun (and tacos; hooray, tacos), but it did show us that once again, creative minds brought together in a group can create a successful marketing model. It also reminded us of how important details are in planning, even when you’re just hammering bricks and brainstorming. Great exercise, great company, and a fun way to spend a Tuesday lunch.